Hex Oscillator

Hex Oscillator

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Hex Oscillator

IIMG_0227 copyn 2009, I filled the void of my post-collegiate nightmare by messing around with some circuits. This was one of the first to come off my bench, inspired heavily by Nic Collins’ fantastic book, Handmade Electronic Music. The Hex Oscillator is a six-voiced tone generator, each voice controlled by its own light sensor. I hand-tuned the instrument, selecting each capacitor without paying attention to component values and heeding sound alone.

This circuit hung out for a long time before finding a home in any box. I like to let the enclosure of a project influence its actual function rather than just look nice. Later that summer, a small wooden box with a sliding lid was given to me by my ex-girlfriend. The sliding lid could control how much light shined on top of the photocells. She found it inside a science classroom while working on the paint crew at my old school. The box label read, “9.9997 grams”, and it contained a glass weight which was indeed so-close-but-not-quite to 10 grams.











is that how much our love weighed?